Friday, August 26, 2011

Piggy troubles

 You all probably know I have a pig right? Well anyways, I try my best for him to be happy. And I think all in all I am a good pet owner. But alas there are a few people (mainly on facebook, none who know me in person - Thank God!) who seem to think I am not a good pet owner. They seem to think pigs should look like this:
Dracul is not a normal pig, he is a gottingen pig, he had been breeded to be a bit smaller than normal pigs and so he should not look like the picture above. Now I have nothing against fat piggies, on the contrary. But I can't help it that (based on the diet recommend by various vets and our pig club) he is on the thin side. He still has his pot belly and all but he isn't fat. Furthermore he is still growing and I recall when I was growing up, I was a stick figure! :D I was all legs and arms. Anyways, Dracul basically looks like a pig in the wild.) But still people who don't know me and have never seen Dracul in real life, pass judgement and critisize and also talk amongst them selves and think they all know best. Now I understand that there are people out there that have been dealing with pigs a much much longer time than I have and that they have experience and know a lot about pigs etc. and some of them genuinly just want to help.. BUT that still doesn't mean they should be so quick to judge and to think right away that they know what's best for my animal. Opinions on him vary so much (from people telling me too fat, too thin, growing too much, not growing enough..) and it's kinda frustrating too. I want him to be healthy and I wish I could spend more time outdoors with him but we do our maximum (or close to it). And it's quite disheartening and saddening for me to have to constantly take crap concerning my piggy. Anyways, I'm off to work and then going back home to cuddle before the weekend trip to HickTown.) Should be back on Sunday with photos from the wedding etc. Wish me luck, xoxo, MsVeve

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