Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shoe Challenge #177: Lazy lazy

 Mr. Piggy (not part of the shoe challenge, obviously, but still, oh so cute..)
 What: H&M Divided white wedges
Where: out & about
Wearing: H&M socks, Six earrings, Asos watch and Dorothy Perkins dress
Another hot hot day, so only wearing lipstick (since make-up is kinda pointless in the summer, no?). Rimmel 076 "Scream". I think I had bought it solely for its name. I love when lipsticks have interesting names, I remember a lipstick I bought AGES ago, like when I was 13 years old (:D) back in Puerto Rico and it was by L'Oreal and it was called "Pink Lemonade". It was my favorite lipstick like forever. I had to beg my parents to buy it for me.. I was so happy when it was mine oh mine.. Anyways, it was the best lipstick in the whole wide world. Unfortunately they don't make it anymore (I hate it when they do that..), but seriosuly, it was the name that captured me first and just after that came the color etc. (and it was just perfect!) Ahhh!
 So, anyways, back to the shoes. I bought these 2-3 years ago? During an H&M sale, they cost something completely ridiculous, like 79 Kc (that's a little over 3 euro) and they're surprisingly comfy. But being space-age white, they aren't the most wearable. But still they do go with some things..
 Like this. I love wearing pure black'n'white outfits. I reckon I didn't need the socks but since my feet are still in recovery, I didn't want to risk it..
Here Mr.Piggy modeling my new hat that I bought today at H&M. It suits him very well actually>)

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