Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shoe Challenge #166: Unique

 What: Bershka leather strap wedges with cut-out detailing
Where: out & about
Wearing: H&M crop top with heart print, Dorothy Perkins tank top, Zara jeans, vintage belt
 I've had these shoes for a while and I remember lusting after them for ages before buying them, lucky me they were on sale by that time:) I thought the cut-out detail in the wedges was so special. And at that time there weren't that many truely unique shoes on high street. So these were definitely a dream pair for me. Sadly they aren't the easiest shoes to walk in. (And in the picture above I don't have my left foot in the shoe properly, they aren't big, it's just how the picture makes them look.)
 I bought this crop top yesterday and I absolutely love it. It has button detailing in the back which is really sweet too.
So that's all the shoe challenges for today, see ya tomorrow yall, xoxo, MsVeve**

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