Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ramble Jamble

This morning I was completely uninspired about what to wear,
being a hot yet rainy day, I opted for slacks and converse shoes. No pictures needed, mind you. But as I was preparing myself to get to work I quickly went through my shoe challenge list to see how many open toed/ sandal/ canvas shoes I still had to get through. And the result isn't so bad, BUT (there's always a but, isn't there?) they are seriously hard shoes to wear, either purely for comfort reasons (some of the shoes are gorgeous yet ridiculously unwearable) or for them being inaproptiate for work/daytime/whatever. So I'm a bit stuck, aren't I? I don't really want to go ahead and be shoe saving my non-summer shoes just yet (in order to leave some of the fun for autumn) but my strictly-summer shoes are not my first options either. Anyhow, this weekend will be another type of challenge since I'm going with the boy to a wedding of some of his hometown/school friends, ugggh WHAT TO WEAR??! We'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon and the wedding is on Saturday, plus there is the post-wedding party as well. I'm thinking of wearing one of my Irregular choice shoes to the wedding or to the party but not sure yet how/what/where etc. Further more, my hurting feet still haven't recovered from the weekend hell shoes. Ouch. So that's what I'm thinking today.

On an unrelated matter, this is my school/uni photo. My last exams are coming up soon so yes, I'm having to think about school these days, oh what fun! Although, thinking about school is making me think about autumn and autumn fashion and truth be told, I am actually getting a bit excited about ankle boots, fur, colored tights, leg warmers, tweed, knits, leather etc. My silver lining.))

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