Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shoe Challenge #160: Pillow talk

 What: Melissa + Isabela Capeto flower sandals
Where: leaving the boy's parents' flat after dinner
Wearing: Topshop kimono dress, H&M tights, Mango bag
 After a typical Friday night dinner at Cerreto we went to the Boy's parents' flat for a little bit so I could take a look at their computer, since they've been having some problems with it.. Anyhow, we were given a pillow. Yes, it's the one I'm holding. It is HUGE. Obviously I love it. (And the pillow cover has star constilations on it, rad.) Then we chilled at our flat for a while, finished watching Generation Kill, then we went to 'On' club and I said goodbye to my best friend. He is leaving the Czech Republic on Sunday. I'll miss him so much.. Buut I'm glad he's happy and he's moving to London so I'm jealous (in the good way) and wish him all the best.
Completely off topic, I seriously need to get my fringe trimmed, cannot see!

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