Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shoe Challenge #165: Under the Horse's Arse

 What: Office multi strap/buckle wedges
Where: Vaclavske namesti
Wearing: Zara jeans, Zara sweater, Reserved bag, Zara tee, vintage belt, Gate tights turned into socks
 Last night on our way home from dinner, we stopped at a favorite tourist stop. The statue of saint Vaclac on his horse.. BTW these are the last shoes from my recent Office purchase: I'd been lusting after a pair of buckle wedges for ages and although these aren't quite what I had in mind, they'll have to do. Sadly though, they blistered my right foot and thus is the curse of wearing new shoes a lot I guess, they don't get "broken in" quite as fast.. Oh well, I can't help it that everyday I feel like a pair of different shoes, can I? Of course some days I do wear the same shoes over and over but that doesn't happen a lot.
I still quite like these shoes though, so hopefully - after the shoe challenge - you'll be seeing a bit more of them here on trhe blog:)

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