Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shoe Challenge #161: Lunch & Shopping Date

 What: Eden wedges
Where: Prague City Center, Palladium
Wearing: Mango dress, Topshop sweater, Topshop necklace, Mango bag
Today was such a perfect day, slept late, woke up to the boy bringing me breakfast in bed. Then we relaxed until we decided to go to the center for lunch and a bit of shopping. Went to Topshop where they are having a RIDICULOUSLY amazing sale (buy anything on sale and the second sale item, the cheaper one of the two, is free!), I got two bags (one clutch and one cross body, both straw and leather), one uber long jersey skirt, the necklace I'm wearing (couldn't resist), and two Topshop Dress-Up dresses! Then we went to one of our favorite restaurants and had an amazing lunch, yum. The boy then headed off to the office cause he's got loads to do and I headed home, now cuddleling with the pig and all happy cause of our perfect day. Now I'm looking into what we'll be doing tonight and thinking of what to wear :) Maybe fit in another shoe challenge? Maybe. Xoxo, Msveve

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