Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shoe Challenge #156: Mountain Girl

 What: Salamon mountain trainers
Where: Austria vacation
 Wearing: mountain clothes (Zara jeans, Loap jacket, Topshop tee, Stradivarius bag)
As I've mentioned before, I spent some 10 days away on vacation to Austria. We spent most of the time discovering our surroundings (either by checking out the town, going to swim in the lake, on trips to wildparks etc., and a big part of the getaway was going to the mountains. Now, I'm no mountain girl, (I have "City Gal" written all over me, literally too.) But I did enjoy the views, the clean fresh air, the animals, the calm. Sometihing I'd wanna do all the time? No. Something that was nice to try out and maybe do again? Yes, definitely! (I'll be posting the rest of the photos on facebook.) These photos are just those I had of these shoes. Originally I wasn't gonna include them in the shoe challenge, but the Boy got them for me specifically for this vacation and so to show my thanks, here goes.

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