Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shoe Challenge #174: Trusty yellows

 What: Atmosphere yellow wedges
Where: out on the balcony
Wearing: Dorothy Perkins top, F&F skirt, Ray Ban glasses, H&M headband
 I've had these wedges for a loong loong time, bought them during one of my Dublin trips. It was during my yellow stage (was in love with everything yellow, I remember that at the time I loved wearing these wedges with this Mango yellow dress which happened to be in exactly the same shade as the wedges, so perfect! Still have the dress but haven't worn it in a while..)
 I really do still love these wedges though.))
Having upped my number of shoes lately I needed a new place to store them. Tada! Honestly though, I'll either need a bigger flat or need to stop getting new shoes :D xoxo, MsV

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