Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shoe Challenge #167: The Boy's Bday

 What: Bershka platformed wooden soled sandals
Where: 'Magicka Zahrada' restaurant plus tram there and back
Wearing: pull&bear tooth charm necklace, H&M top, Zara skirt, Topshop bag
Last night we celebrated the boy's 28th bday but going out and having a huge feast.) Though the restaurant isn't far from where we live, it's still best to take two stops by tram. And obviously, we like to go with the best, har har. As for the outfit well originally I wanted to take my H&M midi skirt but it just didn't go with the sandals and I was decided on the footwear from the start. So I took my trusty Zara skirt. As for the shoes well, these are one of the most comfy heels I own. They were from the Bershka collection about two years ago I think? I remember the first time I wore them I took them on this godawful first date. I had met the guy the night or weekend before in a club and he seemed ok. Anyways, the date was HORRID!:D He was shorter than me in my heels (and it bothered him), he wasn't as cute as I had remembered, but worst of all, he had no sense of humour (and I like to joke around), got none of my jokes and it was just a nightmare, one of those time you just can't wait for it to be over. Anyhow, this time around the date was perfection (well, the boy & I have been together now for a year this Sunday). The food was delicious and me & the boy share our sense of humour. Gotta run off now, xoxo, MsVeve

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