Monday, August 22, 2011

Shoe Challenge #172 + 173: That's right, two for the price of one.

 What: Blowfish Malibu denim bow sandals
Where: the Boy's & my anniversary walk to the castle + dinner
Wearing: Zara silk mini skirt, Zara tee (again, wow this was soo a Zara weekend wasn't it??), Topshop robot necklace, Asos watch, Mango bag, Six earrings, then later Topshop bangle bracelets
 Ok, so are you wondering why this is a double post? Yes, well, it's because these Blowfish mules completely and horrifically RUINED my poor feet. Seriously, I have never had such blisters! Ouch!!!
 And I was trying as hard as I could to be a happy camper here, but I was in PAAAAIIIN! We had to shorten our walk about town, head to the place where we had had our first date (so cute, this amazing restaurant at Old Town Square that is situated on the rooftop with a perfect view and all, I was real pleased to return there and so glad in retrospect that the boy had picked it for our first date in the first place.)) After cocktails and an icecream treat we were gonna head to one of our favorite restaurants but I seriously couldn't walk by this point, so instead we headed to Topshop where I bought a pair of leather sandals...
 Tada! Shoe #2: Topshop leather sandals
They were on sale and all so I didn't feel bad about buying sandals at the end of summer and all, plus I NEEDED them sooo sooo much! After our mini-shopping break we headed to Colooseum pizza and had a huuuuuge dinner.)
 And drank wine. And had a joly good time.
Dontchya love a happy ending??.))xoxo

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