Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Minute Online Shopping

all curtesy of Asos (totally my favorite place to shop, mainly for their free shipping). I decided I needed more geek chic glasses (and am thinking might get my perscription lenses installed into them, but we'll see, given the price), second I have been ohhing and ahhing over Miss KG heels for a long time and thought that at the bargain price of 15 pounds, it was a given (plus all those cute little bows?) and last but not least, yall know that I'm already on the autumn/winter band wagon. These I think will be a nice addition to my shoe collection. (*my shoe number will stay at 213 though, since I am planning to throw out/donate to a charity shop a few pairs that needa go.) The worst thing though is that new stuff I want keeps popping up all the time and it's just post pay day and already I'm almost outta money. Horrible horrible! I'm also currently lusting after a scanner for my computer, for I have a new idea for this blog but without a scanner it's doomed. It's all in the stars though, as these tings tend to be.)) xoxo, MsV

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