Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shoe Challenge #176: Calvin

 What: Calvin Klein Yus ra elastic cut-out wedges
Where: dinner with the Boy
Wearing: Pull&bear jean dress, Zara tee, Mango bag, ?? scarf as headband
 I have been waiting a while to save these, cause I wanted someplace special to take them. But then yesterday is was super hot and that warrented open-toed sandals and my poor feet are still in a mess from the weekend shoes so I needed something relatively comfy. Bring on the Calvins!
I especially love the cut-out detailing, reminds me of United Nude shoes, but Calvin Klein is perhaps a 1Up on that one. The outfit meanwhile well, I was all caught up on RoadTrip fashion via the Asos Fashion Finder competition. So I wanted something jeaned up, with my favorite rockabilly headscarf. Yeah. Anyways, still a few sandals/open-toes to save so stay tuned! Xoxo, mwah!

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