Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shoe Challenge #162: Relaxed

 What: Mango Limited Addiction bejeweled sandals
Where: Returning home from the cinema (went to the the Lincoln Lawyer)
Wearing: Topshop jersey skirt (loooove it!) with H&M leggings underneath, Stradivarius sweater, Zara tee, Topshop bag, H&M scarf
 I had been searching for the perfect long jersey skirt for ages and finally I found the perfect one in the Topshop sale (seriiously love their sales) and so Saturday night, after a perfect day of shopping and food mentioned in the last post, me and the boy went to the cinema to see the Lincoln Lawyer, fucking great movie.
This will now be my go-to relaxed weekend outfit for sure. The sandals here are ones I had been lusting after for ages, but they were sooo expensive! But then I saved up enough for them (only for them to go sale later but whatever..) and I do love them. Unfortunately so does Mr. Piggy and he tried to pry out some of the jewels from the shoes but shit happens. I don't dwell, plus they are still wearable so we're good.)

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