Friday, August 19, 2011

Shoe Challenge #168: me & my little one

 What: Zara leather peep toe wedges
Where: hanging with Mr. Piggy
Wearing: Topshop playsuit, Stradivarius crochet belt, H&M bangle bracelet
 Me & the pig were hanging out this morning, before taking him on a walk and then going to work* (am still at my flat and getting ready to go but y'know what I mean right.)These wedges are comfy and quite simple looking, only down side is they are a tad too big and so I can only wear them bare footed, which is a problem for me cause when I go to work I have to wear tights (to cover the tatts), but otherwise they're fine.
 I thrifted this Topshop playsuit a couple months ago and I love it, though again as the shoes the playsuit is a tad too big. Oh well. Better a bit bigger than smaller right?
yall ready for the weekend? xoxox

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