Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shoe Challenge #153: Back Home

 What: Aukroed and DIYed Zara sandals
Where: out for a stroll & to get my nails done
Wearing: Stradivarius pants, H&M tee, Zara bag, Stradivarius sweater, A-zone "Cat 3" sunglasses
I still have a ton of vacation photos to sort through and all but I only saved one more pair of shoes while on holiday, so today I decided to get back to the challenge (stiill have SO MANY sandals + open toed shoes to go through it's scary!). I managed not to buy any shoes while on vacation BUT I order 10 pairs before I left, ops. (They all came by now, so am happy) plus I bought a pair of Melissas today, ehm. It's the last pair I swear! (Am also out of cash now so that won't be so hard, yeah..)

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