Friday, February 10, 2012

250! Steevie boy

 ~ Celebrating 250 shoe saves! ~
 shoes: Steeve Madden spearkly flats with bow
wearing: thrifted Bay dress
these shoes match my favorite nail polish
 My hair has a mind of its own, it likes to be on the wild side. But occasionally I put it in braids and leave it like that for as long as possible. Then when its set free, it looks like this. I was going to properly curl it but then i thought it'd be a waste of time, since when I'll go out I'll be wearing a hat anyways. Anyways, forget about the hair. Let's talk shoes. Steeve Madden. Some of his designes are good some not so much, these shoes are just the right cute though and since they were on sale I bought them guilt free. The dress was thrifted yesterday after the exam (which I passed btw! Hurrah!) and I was intrigued by the assymetrical hem and by the lovely back of the dress. Pretty awesome right? It makes me feel a bit like a fairy:)
Now it's time for lunch and some work. Till next time, xox, Miss V

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Elena said...

Amazing tattooos!!
-->Take a look at my blog<--
I will be grateful :)