Tuesday, February 14, 2012

254 The Last Shoe Save!

DAY: Zara red hat, Promod pink shawl, Zara pink sweater, Zara red tee, H&M black tanktop, Pull&Bear floral mini, 2 pairs of black tights, pink MoonBoots, Asos blue & pink watch, red and white rubber bracelets, 'Six' red and pink rings
NIGHT (shoe save): H&M ankle boots, black tights, H&M red polka dot pencil skirt, red skinny belt, H&M black tank top, Zara pink sweater
The boy & I took a car trip this morning/afternoon and so it was neccessary for me to dress warmly (the two pairs of tights, the moonboots) and comfortably but it wasn't much of a chore since I was dying to wear this new floral skirt. I bought it yesterday while stalking the shops for last minute Valentine's (already got the boy a Valentine's gift but wanted something extra) and it wouldn't be me if I hadn't found something for myself as well.
For our planned dinner I want to wear something less casual but still comfy and warm. My new H&M pencil skirt will be perfect along with the last of the shoe challenge shoes! Yeah!! I have officially saved 254 pairs of shoes this year:) A good year in deed;)
A close-up of the lovely skirt
This skirt deserves some more mention, I love love love the red-blue combo and I absolutely adore it's shape. You'll be seeing it loads come Spring, I promise!
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Clothes Karma said...

I like your night look. That polka dot skirt is fabulous. I would have been so tempted to pair it with a red cardigan, but I love that you went bold with the pink!