Monday, February 13, 2012

252 Addicted

 shoes: Zara cap-toe hells
wearing: H&M skirt, Zara shirt, Asos glasses, Asos earrings (mustaches!), Lipsy bangle watch
 An Asos order I placed some time ago finally arrived today and I couldn't be happier. I had been lusting after this bangle watch for AGES and finally the price was reduced from £40 to £25 to £18! When we returned from our holiday and it was still availiable, I snapped it up asap. As for the earrings, I have a mustache fetish. A jewelry mustache fetish, not a real mustache fetish. Real mustaches are kind of a turn off. But anyways, these earrings are adorable. And since there's a 10% off promo at Asos (promo code "SPECIAL") I just ordered a mustache necklace too. Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!

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