Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY collar necklace

 While I was browsing the Asos site today I came across this collar necklace. I fell in love with it but even on sale it was NOT on the cheap side. Anyways, since I can't afford it, I thought I might take my shot at creating something similar...
 ta da!
 My version is just chains (without the swarovski crystals) and it is a bit tighter but as a free version and something that took me less than five minutes, I am quite happy with the result. Of course, being me, I didn't take photos of the process but I'm thinking of making a few more of these babies. The steps are really simple. The next one I'll do I'll make a tutorial. There's one more photo on my tumblr page (click HERE). Oh and btw, I'm back to black (hair). See you tomorrow with more inyourface fashion, xox.


Orchid Grey said...

I like yours better, great job!

Jennifer said...

Wow that's cool!

xo Jennifer