Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lusting After Shoes

As the nicer weather is due to come soon I have been eyeing a few interesting shoes (sadly I will not purchase any of them since a) am broke and b) no room in the  shoe storage), but one can dream...

Dorothy Perkins
 These coral square toed wedges are so gorgeous! I adore the color and love the shape of the shoe. Also they're very affordable - which is always a plus;)
Irregular Choice
 These court heels are from an older collection and I found them over at the Irregular Choice Outlet site but I still love them. The bow is perfect and that heel! It would be a great addition to my any shoe closet.
Miista Briellle lace wedges
 Awesome. And they look kind of like hooves. You can get them over at Topshop.
 I absolutely adore these. Sadly I don't think they are availiable on the Office website but I'm guessing Ebay could be of help? Not sure, but anyways, I love love love these and would die of happiness if I could call them my own. Or well, if I could just wear them. You know what I mean...
topshop confetti glitter shoes
 Awwww. Glitter plus an ocford style shoe? I'm game.
Topshop studded slippers
 I know, I know, there's a lot of Topshop shoes on this here list but common'... Studded slippers. You know I couldn't resist studded slipppers!
Underground brothel creepers
And finally a pair of creepers. I NEED a new pair of creepers! Summer Santa, you hearing this?? xox, Miss V


An said...

ugh these shoes are so awesome!!!

Aline C. said...

I like 1 3 and 5 :)
i too am broke with no space :D