Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just Read

While I was on holiday I read a few books, among them were Caprice Crane's "Forget About It" and Stella Newman's "Pear Shaped". Both fall into the chicklit category and are prefect for reading at the beach and not having to think about too much:) Since I read loads for school (usually books that are part of the "canon"), I like my pass-time reading to be either the kathy-reichs-ish detective type or chicklit. So anyways, "Forget About It" was quite enjoyable. I really liked Crane's other novel ("Stupid & Contageous") so I was quite psyched to find the book in the Dubai Mall bookstore (and for only 10 Dhs! That's like the money equivalent to nothing:) - I had been searching for this book but the kindle version wasn't availiable in the Czech Rep and ordering it would have been the last resort (takes ages). Anyways, back to the book: it's about a 25 year old girl would has a crappy life and wants to get out, so she fakes amnesia and changes her life for the better but then she has another accident and actually really loses her memory. I recommend this book for some easy reading. Newman's "Pear Shaped" is about a pudding developer Sophie who is in an abusive relationship. I really enjoyed the book (even though I sort of skimmed the latter part of it since she was a bit annoying as she was moping post break-up). What I really liked about the book was Sophie's love for food and realistic struggle between over-indulging and living healthily. Thus I perhaps would have preferred a happy-ending (of her ex being miserable without her and Sophie being uber happy with someone else), the real one was better for being real.

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