Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shoe Challenge 245: Burj Khalifa

 The view from the top almost the top.
 What I wore:
Topshop dress, River Island tights, Mango sweater, River Island bag, Next ballerina flats - I love the straps across the ankle, River Island earrings, complementary rubber bangles from the dolphinarium:) - they matched my outfit..
 I really had such a good time in Dubai (even though I didn't want to go there at first). The food was delish, the sights were quite something and the shopping was good. The dress, bag, tight, earring AND shoes were all bought on this trip. The bag was sadly cursed (first I returned a pair of RI jeans that had weird pockets in the back which I didn't notice instore and so I got the bag instead, and then the zipper broke on the bag so I had to go and return the bag for a new one with a good zipper - however this was all very traumatazing for me cause I seriously HATE returning things!)
A breathtaking view of Dubai. This was on our last night there and I'm so glad we got tickets for teh night "tour" of the Khalifa tower (you ride up in the world's fastest elevator and can see the view from all the sides). I have one more shoe save from this trip and then I'll have to do some shoe saving here. What a horrid thought, it is SO cold out! I have been surviving in my Moonbooots ever since our return and though I love these bad boys I do dearly miss the sunshine.. talk soon, xox.

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