Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Looking Back..

It's a bit amusing to think that when I started the shoe challenge I had 109 pairs of shoes. Now I have 254 pairs. That means that during the year I more than doubled my collection! Now, this year I'm definitely cutting back on the shoe shopping as I have NO SPACE for shoe storage at our present living arrangement. I'll try not to buy almost any shoes at all. Maybe only one pair a month. Starting now. This kind of makes me want to go shopping rightthisminute but luckily it is snowing out and I am much too lazy and have loads to do at home (work, study, clean up etc. etc.), so me & my bank account are sparred. For now at least.

Looking back, I have to say it has been a hell of a year. And things aren't slowing down just yet either. On the contrary it feels like things are more crazy and hectic than ever! But there is a certain beauty in that as well. For this year I plan - besides not buying that many pairs of shoes - to be more organized! That would definitely make everything a little bit easier for me.

I'd also like to stop neglecting the inspirery posts over at my other blog ( and to try to transform some of the styles into my everyday looks on here. Like in the photo below (Derek Lam NYFW 2012), I could totally see myself wearing something like the grey oversized trousers with a smart shirt or the look of the far right, a knit top over a flowing maxi skirt. This year I want to stay inspired.

 I hope this blog stays inyourface-ish but also evolves into something more. I hope to reach more viewers and to get more feed-back. But I also wish us all to have loads of fun along the way! xox, MsVeve

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