Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Files of New: Future Accessories

 I just placed an Asos order a few minutes ago and it was a hard hard decision of what to get and what not. Among the happy necklaces that were chosen to be mine mine mine were.. This ADORABLE 'Toy&Me' necklace with a formula 1 car pendant. Yes, it is a men's necklace, but so what? I reckon it's cute enough for a girl and there's quite a bit of kitsh factor going on. Definitely right up my alley.
 Next a sweet heart (sweet-heart;) necklace by Gogo Phillip. I really like that the heart charm is simple and on the tiny side. For those days when you don't want a lot of accessory action going on.
Finally, this LOOOONG necklace. It'll complement a simple dress perfectly, like on the model pictured above, adding instant style to any outfit. I cannot wait for them to arrive (in about a week's time). I recommend browsing Asos, they still have a sale going on so prices are good (thou I am a bit peeved that not being from the UK, I don't get to have a student discount :/// - anyone wanna lend me their NUS number?) and some of the accessories are really swoon worthy. Your welcome;)
xox, Miss V

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