Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winter & Desserts

 Yesterday I wrote about chocolate chip cookies. But that was yesterday.. Today is a completely different story. Right. Anyways, I popped by the sweet shop and bought a coconut cookie (for the boy) and a cream puff (for me). These are without a doubt two of my favorite treats. The good thing about winter is you get to treat yourself to some awesome sweets. Summer just isn't the same in the sweets department.
And in order to survive in this winter wonderland you have to bundle up. I was wearing 2 sweaters, a shirt and a tank top underneath my jacket! (I accidently took a video of my outfit instead of a photo - silly me.) I wore this to my big exam (a written one so I got away with wearing jeans) and now I'm sleepy so nighty night, xox, Miss V

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