Sunday, February 12, 2012

251 As Good as Gold

 Shoes: Zara sequinned flats
Wearing: H&M sequinned skirt, H&M grey tank top, Mango sweater, black tights
Remember these beauties? Well, though I haven't worn these shoes outside yet, I KNOW I'll get my share of wear out of them during the warmer months. They have an amazing shine to them and are - as the title states - as good as gold. I bought these in the Zara sale and would have been so dissapointed if they had been sold out on me. But luck was on my side! (And also the fact that though they WERE in the sale, they WEREN'T by any means cheap.) Speaking of sales though, today I bought another pair of shoes (over at H&M, and they were super cheap) so that means I still have three pairs to save by Tuesday. I reckon I can get away with it so make sure to come back before then and check up on me;) xox, Miss V

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