Monday, February 13, 2012

253 This isn't Kansas Anymore

 shoes: Stradivarius glitter lace-up flats
wearing: Zara jeans, Zara tee, thrifted Next sweater, Asos earrings, Asos watch
Another example of perfect flats that will be worn constantly once the cold weather goes away. I am seriously so looking forward to Spring, it is madness. Today was such a anxious day = I was setting up my schedule for next semester on the student net system and it was intense. The system works so poorly - it keeps getting jammed up! But my schedule ended up being ok-ish. I got a few of the subjects/lecturers that I wanted and time-wise it could have been a lot worse. After all this uni stress I wanted to do some sewing but the lightbulb on my machine broke and it cutt off the electricity to the whole flat. It really goes to show how much we are dependent on electricity. Luckily, everything is in order now. Speaking of order, remember the Asos shipment that I was talking about in the previous post? This watch came along with the Lipsy bangle watch and the mustache earrings. It is completely kitsh but so cute and happy, I'm really glad I ordered it! It reminds me of Easter and that makes me happy. So here's to happy accessories and enjoying fashion to the fullest, xox, Miss V

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