Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gourmet gourmet

I have many loves: I love my family, my boy, my pets, my shoes, films, music... but one of the most important of these loves is the love for good food. I am crazy in love with sweets and with pasta and even with healthy foods. I do not eat to survive, I eat to enjoy it. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had this love (or obssession). And one of my beloved foods is the dessert. Among this are the various high class sorts but also the down-to-earth everyday types - like the chocolate chip cookie. The best are those that are still a little warm, soft and huge :) I prefer to make my own but it can be a tad difficult either time wise or if you're just lusting after one (or three) cookie(s). So what to do when you're out looking for the perfect cookie to buy?

I guess it varies according to where you live. I live in Prague and there really isn't much choice. I like the Maryland cookies that you can find in the tesco grocery stores, or the starbucks variaty aren't bad but I also really like the McDonald's McCafe cookies. They make a normal cookie or a dark chocolate type and both are really good. They use huge chocolate chips and if you're lucky they'll be fresh and delisious! (If not just-out-of-the-oven they can be a bit hard but still really good.) This morning I had the dark chocolate chocolate chip cookie for breakfast. It's a good day;)

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