Friday, February 17, 2012

what i wore yesterday = outfit + shoesave

 The boy & I went to see a crappy-action b-movie called "Gymkata" last night over at Aero cinema (Shookproof Film Festival) and I have learnt from Wednesday's nearly freezing to death to dress WARMLY. So instead of tiny dress/skirt I wore my favorite pair of Zara skinny jeans and my favorite black v-neck sweater from Mango. I also wore a pair of shoes I had previously worn only once and I must say - I love these shoes! They are the lace-up Aspen Duck Boots from Asos and I reckon they look a lot better with jeans than with a skirt. I also wore some DIY projects: At Last & Co jeanswear checked shirt (which I fitted and cropped the sleeves) and Bershka sweater vest (I hacked off the sleeves and added a faux leather trim). I absolutely adore the checked shirt and now that it fits I'll be wearing it loads, but the vest I'm not so sure about. I might refashion it again some other way - not sure yet.
 The outfit worked well for the cinema - I was comfy and warm and enjoyed the evening out. And I'm glad I wore these shoes:)

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